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Michelle Oborny is a masterful Teacher, Clairvoyant, Channel, Medical Intuitive, Medium, receiving her Masters Degree from Pacifica University. Michelle specializes in mythological studies, the masculine and feminine, complex trauma. She has the gift of helping others navigate traumatic events, identifying stagnancy and providing healing and a conscious blueprint to propel transformstive growth. Having 5 signs in Water, Michelle is extremely empathic, nurturing and her teachings are completely unique, innovative and highly insightful. Michelle works with beings from other dimensions whose spiritual knowledge and guidance far surpasses what we have here and as a result some of her guidance may bewilder but she's spot on and her guidance works which is why she is so steadily sought after for her insights, support and guidance..


Janet Rodriguez has spent most of her life exploring and researching world religions, spiritual practices, the teachings of those considered masters and prophets, in search of truth and in search of practices that bring powerful results: knowledge, understanding, and tools to handle life much more effectively. It is her life goal to uncover such tools and practices and then share them. She has been called a shaman by many although you will not here her refer to herself as such. She is Intuitive, her gift is Knowing, Seeing clearly, and listening. Her work is Multidimensional and she holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a former teacher for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, she has extensively studied mysticism, and a large variety of healing modalities. Having 5 signs in Fire, Janet gets a lot done and she's likely to tell you what she sees, so if you don't want to know, don't ask...

Our Message to You

We are currently living in a world that’s undergoing change and the change actually needs to happen because a very divisive culture has been generated, one that promotes judgements, blaming, shaming and low levels of tolerance for diversity, which could bring about great demise. While we are in these chaotic times, it’s good to keep in mind that out of chaos comes new creation, typically the likes of which we haven’t seen before. (Note: So far, we don’t like what we are seeing). We can navigate these times anywhere across a continuum: on the far left we have unconscious/asleep and to the far right we have conscious/awake, and in the middle we have everything in- between. This is what you need to know. When people are pointing to anything or anyone external to them and saying, “This or she or he is the problem! They need to change or be eliminated and all will be well in the world!,” you’re completely missing the mark. Your approach will be completely ineffective and you have assumed a disempowered position because while you may perhaps achieve a small, brief change, you won’t leave a mark in the long run. . .and it won’t necessarily be positive either. And if your sense of well-being is based on the external world, you are choosing a position where you will be flung about emotionally as the wind blows, because you do not have control over the external world. But there is a way to navigate our world gracefully and more effectively, which will have a positive impact on others and the collective as whole given some time. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius. This is what more you need to know. Every thought you think, every word you speak, and every action you take carries energy. These are no different than tossing a stone into a pond, the water ripples out until it reaches the banks and then it turns back and ripples out into the opposite direction. In addition, all energy has some degree of density, depending on its intensity, it may be light or it may be heavy. All people are the pond, on a soul/spiritual level, we are an interconnected, interwoven collective. All thoughts, words and actions can be felt at some level - and this is why a psychic can step into the pond/ that collective, and pull anything out of it. So, we have a tremendous responsibility concerning our thoughts, words and actions: to what we are contributing to the collective because. . .all of those atrocities we see occur in our external world, began with thoughts. Our world, simply put, is a mental projection. So, it’s time to wake up people! While you may have been vying for or anticipating a political revolution, the one we need is a spiritual one! And it begins with us, our work - we are here to do our work - to Know Thyself. We are very much like computers at this point, so it’s very ironic we are building ones, without a heart or conscience, when we aren’t faring well ourselves!! (Oh my, what are we doing!? Not very brilliant on our parts!) We came into this world in the framework of our authentic nature, and the power to make profound, deeply impactful changes: the ability to achieve balance and order and harmony and live amongst one another in a loving, respectful way, depends upon our getting back to our authentic nature. We need to uncover, process and shed our ineffective, outdated belief constructs and conditioning: our old software programs that are making our computers get stuck, and bring that spinning wheel up on our desk top! And we need to reconnect with Source (Source Energy, the Divine, God, Goddess - some people are so offended by the name - we hope you can get over that, because these words are only human constructs, we are talking about the same thing!) For our purposes, we will refer to it as Source Energy. We need to not only reconnect with Source Energy but develop a deep, meaningful relationship with it (as if we want to get to know someone and become very good friends, we do need to spend time with them - and not only visit when we need something). So, there are two important parts to this equation! One is work to deeply “know thy self”, to uncover, process and release old conditioning, beliefs, stories - and many different practices can be involved to accomplish that. Most basic and fundamental is proper breathing, chakra and energetic work, meditation, befriending and working with our Higher Self and our emotions. It’s important to get these fundamentals down to a point where they are the way we live and organically occurring. The reason why we don’t want to skip these is because when we move on to engage in more emotionally, intense work, we need to have the tools to effectively respond and take care of our self should we feel something intensely or get stuck. There is another reason why the fundamental work is important, and that is because as we process and release the ineffective programming and old energies we’ve been holding onto, that connection with Source Energy is going to fill those spots, more Source Energy is going to come onboard. . . and when it does, we want to be able to contain it and not blow a fuse! When you can contain it, it’s very life affirming, it moves toward that which is harmonious and expansive - it moves toward Life, in a growth sense, a creative sense. What you see in the world will shift, how you respond, how you choose to be, what you experience. . .it’s as if you re filling a cup (as your true nature comes back onboard), at some point that cup will overflow - and at that point, you will begin to see changes in the external world. Enough people do this and we will dramatically impact the whole. So, with that in mind, and with a very strong desire to see us navigate our futures eloquently, productively, courageously, and improve our world conditions, we have designed classes to guide you through this process. To awaken you, and if you are already awakened, hopefully there will still be innovative, profound information offered here to expand your vision and support your work - as our work is never done - not for any of us. We will mark our classes fundamental or advanced and try to give a description that informs you when they might be most helpful for you. When you have completed a class, should you have a question, should you need clarification about something within that material, please send the question our way and we will address it as soon as we can. Should you have a general question outside the scope of the class you have taken, you may send it in - we will try to select a question or two each month and address those in our blog. If we do not answer your question, we apologize up front, as we receive quite a bit of mail - and we are also working hard to develop and provide you all with more classes online. We hope you develop an ongoing, daily spiritual practice, if you do not already have one. We hope that that our classes provide you with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, insights, innovations, visions and paradigm shifts - and bring your life peace, power, balance and harmony. And we also hope that our site provides you with a sense of support and like-minded community. Expect to see more classes online, a monthly newsletter, new blogs, live workshops on Zoom and week-end workshops later this year. Much Love - Michelle and Janet

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